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Released: ChatLab Launches ROI Focused Social Media Service


ChatLab Launches ROI Focused Social Media Service

Expands services to address monetization of fans and followers

May 11, 2011 (New York) – Leading social marketing agency ChatLab announced today an increased service offering and pricing configuration which addresses growing interest in return on investment and monetization of fans.

“This is a monumental shift not just for us but for the industry, allowing us to appeal to a larger set of clients with a focus on ROI,” stated ChatLab co-founder Kevin Martell.  “The new model puts a value on followers for clients and provides mutual incentives for them and us to grow social media presence.  Furthermore it gives brands a direct view on how growing and engaging followers can positively impact their bottom line.”

ChatLab will utilize a proprietary platform called “The Nucleus” to automate non-essential, repetitive tasks such as data mining, analytics reporting, and influencer targeting.  Each account will also have a social media expert who will be responsible for adding the “human” element to the process – spot checking all interactions, providing strategic support, and interfacing with clients.

“We’re really excited for how streamlined the new model will be.  It will allow us to more efficiently address the three areas we receive the most requests for – social media monitoring, management, and outreach,” said Sara Bekerman, Director of ChatLab. “Our personal attention to each account will continue to set us apart from our competitors.”

ChatLab was founded in 2009, when experts in the mobile and social space identified a need for such tactics across industries. ChatLab has since been recognized as a leading Social Media agency and has gained a strong client roster. The company has worked with brands such as Prince Tennis, whose “Do You Know Prince” campaign ended up with a return of 10x its investment, and VH1, whose “Do Something Awards” brought millions of interactions in just four weeks. ChatLab has helped spread the word about the launch of new products, new locations, special offers, and promotional contests.

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