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RIAA 1: LimeWire 0

The RIAA has yet again brought down another file sharing service. This time though, the victim was the ever popular LimeWire. Last month, U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood ruled in favor of the record industry stating that LimeWire, “committed a substantial amount of copyright infringement.” She also said that Lime Group, the developer of LimeWire, “did not take meaningful steps to mitigate the infringement.”

I agree that LimeWire does not make a conscious effort to stop the illegal file sharing whatsoever. Artists are losing large amounts of money because of these sites and it has been going on for years and years. I am actually surprised it took such a long time for the RIAA to file suit on LimeWire. Now that they have won, they are demanding at least $1 billion dollars from Lime Group for the harsh blows that the record industry has had to endure. All I have to say is good luck coming up with that type of cash, Lime Group!

Do you think it’s fair that the RIAA is asking LimeWire for $1 billion dollars?


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