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Rousing Conversation Over Good Music


In what seems to be another lifetime ago, I lived, breathed, ate, slept and worked in music (– evidenced by my elbow-rubbing with celebs and self-made, prize-winning Halloween boombox costume, though it got a lil’ busted up by the end of the party). Not because I was an aspiring singer, nor songwriter, nor producer, nor even knew how to play an instrument, nor a groupie – far from it, but rather, for three simple reasons:

  1. I gravitate towards being around artistic folk; music draws creative heads together.
  2. I love being around diligent, passionate people; music draws the hardworking, passionate together.
  3. I am amazed by the power of influence; music moves people in ways I know nothing else can.

Nowadays, while my days are spent with creative and passionate folks in the advertising world, in my free time, I delight in reconvening with a group of ‘ol music heads (dubbed, The Good Music Period Collective) to listen, discuss, reminisce, play, discover, create, share, appreciate, love music regardless of genre, what the artist looks like, where they are from etc…


And so, to bridge the two industries that has shaped a good part of my life, rousing “conversation” over good music, here are a few audible treats, as we near the end of yet another productive work week and to set us in the mood to welcome the weekend…..

  1. Michael Jackson / Off the Wall:
  2. Zhane / Hey Mr. DJ:
  3. The Cure / Friday I’m In Love:
  4. R. Kelly / Ignition:
  5. Cherelle ft. Alexander O’Neal / Saturday Love:

……… and a few tracks I’m feeling this week, old and new artists, in no particular order. Enjoy!

  1. Jamie Lidell / Another Day:
  2. Phoenix / Lisztomania:
  3. Mayer Hawthorne / The Walk:
  4. Robert Glasper Experiment ft. Erykah Badu / Afro Blue:
  5. Remy Shand / Rocksteady:
  6. Jamiroquai / Stillness in Time:


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