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Salvation Army Piggybacks “The Dress” for Anti-Abuse Campaign

The internet nearly broke on Thursday, February 26th when the infamous “dress” photo was posted questioning whether or not it was blue and black or white and gold.  The world became truly divided and people began to question whether or not they were in on an enormous global prank, or if their entire life was basically a lie.  Neither of which seemed like a very good option.  In an effort to magnify a much larger problem, the Salvation Army decided to piggyback the tweet’s messaging in a PSA to stop abuse against women.  The black and blue controversy seemed to be the perfect vehicle to drive their message home.  Their tagline reads “Why is it so hard to see black and blue?” and is complemented by a woman laying on the ground in the white and gold version of the dress with very severe bruising on her legs and face.  The ad surpassed the 15 million reach mark just  24 hours after the initial tweet.  It’s vitally important to stay on top of current trends.  An amazing opportunity could be missed to make a really great impact.