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Seasonal Advertising: Analysis, Research, Facts

It’s not uncommon to have a business that relies heavily on certain seasons for increased sales volume. For most industries, the December holiday season is a significant time for sales. Depending on the type of business, back-to-school or other times of the year are also busy.

Timing and preparedness are keys to handling seasonal activities. Companies need to plan their marketing campaigns well in advance of their respective season or seasons. Often off-season planning is as time-consuming as the actual selling is during the busy season. As soon as one seasons concludes, companies usually already have staff dedicated to planning for the next season. But Why? Are the holiday seasons really that crazy, as far as spending goes? Simply put… Yes!

In the end of Q4 in 2008 and 2009 retail spending was over $25 Billion and $27 Billion respectively; and that was during a recession. Which justifies the large amount of budgets marketing divisions allocate towards these individual seasons.


The most interesting piece to this puzzle is that this only touches on November and December. Think about all the other months in a year and all the holidays that take place within those months; it’s mindboggling. In case you cannot picture here’s a calendar!





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