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Seasonal Advertising: Overview


Seasonal influences on advertising play an important role in shaping the spread of advertising emphasis and budget distribution throughout the year. While some businesses and products are tailored well to an evenly delivered, single message year-long, many products are subject to fluctuations in consumer interest and cyclical changes. The fashion industry must adapt consumer-targeted messages to reflect changing trends and even the climate, while other products have obvious high times, i.e. : an ice cream company as temperatures rise (as they are currently in NYC!)

Maximizing impact of brand communication is best aided by knowing your consumers and your product. Capitalizing on perfect timing can make an appropriate seasonal campaign extremely successful not only for the targeted season, but can leave an impression and develop brand recognition for long after.

Some of the most effective or memorable advertising campaigns of our lifetimes (and before!) were seasonally influenced. Who can forget the Budweiser frogs croaking, “Bud . . . weis . . . errr,” an ad campaign prepared for the Super Bowl that is heralded as the catalyst for making an aging product “cool” again. “Every kiss begins with Kay” is a jingle that most of us can sing when prompted and plays virtually continuously through the Valentine’s and Christmas seasons. Coca-cola even created the image that is widely recognized and as accepted as Santa Claus during a 1931 Christmas campaign when the company ran a variety of ads featuring a “kind, jolly man in a red suit.” The image is now considered the Christmas standard.

Season’s greetings!



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