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Selfie Sticks: What Do These Hot Gadgets Mean for Brand Reach

selfie stick

With smartphones at the fingertips of over half of the United States population, marketers have gained a great deal of leverage for promoting a sharing of their brand’s content.  The age of digital has brought the world so much closer together which in turn gives marketers another avenue to pursue for broadening their reach.  How many times have you taken a photo while you were out somewhere and uploaded it to one of your social media sites with a tagged location?  Or uploaded a photo of a recent purchase and used the brand’s official hashtag in your caption?  Without your smartphone, this sharing of content would not be nearly as possible.  The problem however, has lied in the fact that as an egotistical society, we like to appear present in many of the photos that we take; and the fact that the word “selfie” was coined an official word by Oxford in 2013 gives great credibility to this idea.  The 2014 hot holiday gadget, the “selfie stick” has nonetheless offered an amazing solution to this problem.  If you haven’t witnessed the selfie stick in use for yourself, then in short, it is a stick used to basically lend a much longer arm in taking a “selfie” with your smartphone.  This new self-implemented photo distance gives rise to much greater photo potential.  Want to get that famous bakery’s sign in the background?  No Problem!  How about the tree at Rockefeller Plaza?  The “seflie stick” will lend a helping hand.  For marketers, this means a greater potential for increased reach in 2015, and not just reach in terms of arm length.  With the ability to capture more content in your photos, the likelihood that you will in turn spread some love for the lucky brand in the background is quite probable.

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