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Selfies for Cali Coastal Cause

In an effort to build awareness and increase donations toward their cause, Check The Coast has developed an initiative to raise money to help clean up the California coast.  The campaign calls people to action by asking them to post selfies along the coast while making a “check mark” sign with their fingers (see photo for example), post it to social media and use the hashtag #CheckTheCoast while also including in the caption.

A box can be found on California tax forms, and if you check the box, you can opt to donate at least a dollar or two to help clean up the coast which has been washing up goo-covered birds, plastic trash, and starving baby sea lions.  Although parts of the coast are laden with this sadness, the posters promoting the campaign are lighthearted and depict the beautiful coast that we all know, love, and want to save.

According to their site, “your contribution will be felt across California communities in the form of grants helping to clean up shorelines, restore habitats, and promote beach access. In addition, you’ll help give kids the opportunity to experience the coast themselves, some even for the first time.”

Live in Cali?  Check the coast! You will not regret it!