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Why Social Advertising Beats Search Advertising

Where should you spend your ad dollars? On social or on search?  After reading these 3 points from Mashable you may find yourself leaning heavily toward social.

1. Social ads deliver brand equity and free traffic

“When you buy search ads, you get exactly what you pay for: clicks.

When you buy social ads, you not only get the clicks you pay for, but you also receive the free impressions and clicks from users sharing your ads with their networks.

This creates an immediate halo effect for your campaign, increasing your brand equity and raising your overall return on ad spend.

For example, when you promote a tweet on Twitter, you get retweets and favorites for free. When you promote your pin on Pinterest you get re-pins for free. And, when you promote your products on Polyvore, you create outfits and share them for free.

Across all three platforms, the more engaging your tweet, pin or product, the more engagement and brand equity you can potentially create. That’ll drive more traffic…for free.”

2. Social ads trigger purchases in visual product categories

These type of ads give you a much larger canvas to work with in terms of showcasing your brand and/or product(s).

 Lifestyle content is very visually driven, so the more space you have to promote it in a way that is appealing to even the untrained eye is win for you.

3. Social Ads Drive Long Term Engagement 

By creating content that meets your consumer on an emotional level you instantly create a connection that is stronger than any search ad could ever make, which only targets consumers immidiately before their point of purchase.  

Social ads also gain their strength from the nearly infinite number of times they can be both seen and shared, amplifying your message and strengthening consumers connection to the brand.

The more familiar they become with the brand, the more likely they will seek you out on their own.