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Social: Enhancing Experiential Marketing

Social media has changed so much about the marketing landscape over the past several years.  Brands can reach their target markets in ways that they were never able to before.  One particular space where social has really amplified the reach is experiential marketing.  Events that could only be experienced by a selected few in the past, can now be shared with the world.  Take for instance, Fashion Week.  For decades, this bi-annual event was accessible only to A-listers, stylists, celebrities and the like.  The highfalutin vibe certainly has not been lost, but designers can now utilize the powerful influence of their A-list attendees to share content promoting their brand via social media.  These posts can reach hundreds of thousands and drive the tone of the brand for the upcoming seasons.

Dan Hanover, editor and publisher of Event Marketer magazine says, “The power of social is allowing brands to start conversations long before there’s a live engagement with a consumer, and continue that conversation forever. That’s why social is beginning to turbocharge experiential marketing.” He adds, “Social and digital is helping in two ways: One, it’s allowing people to extend and amplify what they’re doing on the ground. Two, it’s allowing consumers to have a direct connection to a specific brand, and we’re finding that Facebook and Twitter are being used in very strategic ways these days.”

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