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Social Media Stars Can Raise Brand Awareness

apparently kid freshpet

Noah Ritter, more widely known as “the apparently kid,” is continuing his rise to stardom.  The five year old from Wilkes Barre, PA was randomly discovered at the Wayne County Fair in Pennsylvania earlier this summer.  His hilarious comments, overuse of the word ‘apparently,’ and adorable little face caught the world’s attention as his video, captured by Newswatch 16 WNEP, went viral.

Like many other hilarious and unique children who rise to fame on social media, he was invited to be a guest on the Ellen Degeneres show, which aired yesterday morning.  From his appearance there, he continued his Hollywood escapade by then shooting a commercial as the “spokeskid” for Freshpet.  His lines were unscripted, dabbled with the word “apparently” of course, and he helped the brand create a really memorable advertisement.

Social media stars are a great way to build your brand into the conversation and trends circulating through the media.  Whether you’re a dog owner or not, this commercial will certainly stick in your mind.  Continue to look for ways to integrate your brand into what is popular at the time.  Apparently, it’s a really good idea.

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