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Sour Patch Kids’ New Marketing Strategy

brookyln patch

In an effort to reach the their target demographic, teens, Sour Patch Kids has taken on a new unique approach.  They have branded two unique apartments – one in Brooklyn, NY and one in Austin, TX.  The Brooklyn Patch and Austin Patch, as they are called, are being used as the ultimate free crash pad for bands performing in the area.  The spaces are furnished and decorated very eclectically, mixing in work from various local artists, and even have functioning recording studios! According to Adweek, “The program—which is slated to run through at least the end of this year—allows the brand to situate itself within the music world and build brand awareness as well as credibility, according to Farrah Bezner, marketing director of Sour Patch.”  Those staying in the spaces are encouraged to post photos to their social media platforms utilizing the appropriate hashtags – #austinpatch, #brooklynpatch, and/or #sourpatchkids.  Encouraging influencers to share content promoting your brand is a tried and true tactic to reaching your intended audience.  To learn more, check out this article from Adweek!

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