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Sparking Convo: The Donation of Time

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No matter what time of year, charities are looking for donations to help their cause and those in need. Often times, charities use commercials and PSA’s to push their message out, encouraging viewers to find it in their hearts to contribute to the cause in whatever way possible.

According to research on charitable donations by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, middle-class Americans give a bigger share of their discretionary income to charities than those of the upper class. Knowing this information, charities will tend to gear their advertisements toward middle-class and middle-income families to best connect with them and inspire charitable giving throughout the year. This is often done by showing simple advertisements depicting families and other relatable situations. It implies that anyone can make a difference for a cause. This reiterates the message to the target audience that it is not always about the size of the donation, but about the act of giving.

Although many charities are often looking for monetary donations, there are still many charities that can benefit from the donation of time. Volunteering is a rewarding experience for both the donor and the charity, but is not always conveyed in charitable messaging. Charities should utilize the concept of giving time to try to target the younger demographic; encouraging them to help support a charity that they connect with. has done a great job of targeting this age group and inspiring them to get involved with charities at a younger age. They reinforce the thought that giving back is not always about giving money, but it is also about giving yourself. Charities should harness this type of messaging more often when looking for donations since there are so many children and teens looking to help out, but unsure where to look.

When pushing out their message, charities need to remember that the focus should be on the act of giving in all different forms. Connecting with the younger demographic will increase chances of those donors continuing to contribute their resources throughout their life and building a relationship with a charity over time.


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