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Sparking Convo: The Giving Feeling

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It was December 2004. The snow was falling and the roads were a brown mess of mushed snow. The heat in my 1988 Honda Accord was blasting strong, yet I was still wearing gloves and a jacket. It was definitively a cold winter day, which would eventually get warmer for someone whom I did not know. This was my first donation ever, and it was my beloved Accord.

Since that day I have donated plenty – from clothing and goods to money. I believe that there is something innate that compels human beings to donate. For some, it leads to tangible rewards, such as tax-deductions. This was the case when it came to my Accord donation. Other times it is because you just feel the need to give.

My other donations have included giving money towards research on diabetes, specifically Type-I. I have been living with diabetes for almost a year now, and while I am in my late 20s, a lot of people are diagnosed with it at a very young age. I believe that donating to medical organizations will help to further research towards not just Type-I diabetes, but also other autoimmune diseases. And with a cure, we can bring balance and a normal life to many children who are affected by this disease every day.

Nowadays, donating is easier than ever. It does not take a lot of time. With the help of organizations like the Better Business Bureau, you can research an accredited charity of your choice and donate to a cause you feel passionate about helping. Checking reputable charities through the BBB will give you confidence about where your money is headed, ensuring that it goes to the right people and through the right channels. Once you find a good charity for the cause you want to donate, you are just a couple of clicks away from making a difference.

We all deserve a better future. The hope is that with continued donations, medical research will continue to make progress and cures will be discovered. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have good health, and a little goes a long way.


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