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Spotify Is Great, But Will It Hurt the US’s Image?


You’ve probably heard some talk on Spotify, but if not, or if you’re still confused, you need to read this! It’s pretty amazing and we know everyone will be using it soon.

Spotify originated in Europe (where it has become HUGE, and also now offers a free version) and is finally available for users in the United States. It’s an award-winning music service that basically takes the idea of a “paid Napster,” but executes better than anyone else. The best way to describe it is as a search-able Pandora. All music is on demand no matter where you are, when you’re searching, or which devise you’re using to look for it.

For just ten dollars a month – the ost of a single album – subscribers receive unlimited access to music on desktop and mobile applications as well as through an offline mode.

Spotify is clearly a service then can attract many fans.

But, it’s popularity and success definitely raises an important thought – what does this tell us about the argument that the United States leads in innovation? The obvious answer may be that other countries are catching up. The US might not be able to hang on to their title of “World Leaders of Innovation” anymore. And if this is true, we could also talk about some impacts. For example; education-wise, what if people from other countries no longer jump at the opportunity to send their children to the United States for schooling? Think about “Below the Line” advances: Non-public or non-commercial innovations of other countries could start to be stronger.

Overall, Spotify is great, there’s no question about it. But it could be one of the many things that leads to a new perception surrounding continued reduction in the US’s view as the world superpower.

What do you think?


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