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STYLE SWAP: Putting on the “Creative” Uniform

Hey, so did you know that if you go to you will be redirected to the Convo website. True story!

And why does this happen, you might ask? Because we have some seriously cool people on our team – that’s why.

To honor one of our super cool team leads who is known far and wide as a NYC fashion icon, I opted to play the “Style Swap” card for my blog article this week and pay tribute to David Orellana with my interpretation of his style – which I suspect to be the source of his mad design skills.


David is the creative powerhouse of Conversation, with a sense of style that he owns every day from the top down, so why don’t we just start there:

1.)    Thinking Cap? Check.

David’s headwear is more than a fashion statement. It is the source for all of his magic, powers, and Ecuadorian sorcery.


2.)    Thick Rimmed Glasses? Check.

I’ve wondered on a fairly regular basis how legit David’s glasses really are. Do they serve any true optical function? Is he nearsighted or farsighted? Does he have astigmatism? Does he require them to walk, drive, or operate heavy machinery? But then I realized that their most important function is to help bring his creative vision to life, bridging the gap between the hat atop his head and the concepts on his screen.

3.)    Graphic Tee? Check.

A staple in David’s wardrobe is the graphic tee – rotating daily with words of wisdom (and occasionally anger), artistic designs, and support for favorite bands. Some days reading David’s t-shirt is just like reading his mind.


4.)    Plaid Shirt? Check.

For members of our creative team, wearing a plaid shirt is like a doctor wearing a lab coat or a surgeon wearing scrubs…just put it on, step back, and watch ‘em operate.

5.)    Skinny Jeans? Check.

By cutting off circulation to their legs, the creatives are able to increase blood flow (or “creative juices” as they are also known) to their brains and hands in order to work harder, better, faster, stronger.


6.)    Converse Sneakers? Check.

Creative designers often wear very simple and traditional footwear to keep themselves grounded, so they don’t float away with their lofty ideas. A good traditional pair of black Converse sneakers are just the ticket to properly anchor any creative thinker just enough so they don’t get too carried away.

Thank you, David, for being an inspiration to us all! And to the other rock stars on our creative team, I salute you…

(Oh, and of course I wore a black leather jacket today too…just so everyone would know I’m as cool as David.)


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