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Summertime in New York City

There can’t be much to say about summer that someone somewhere else has not already said. It’s the season that we —even those people who claim to “love winter, (or as I call them: liars)— wait for with giddy anticipation. Now that I no longer have the school year to dictate my seasons, I have to take my seasonal cues from the actual calendar. The calendar tells me that yesterday was the first day of summer, which means that I can officially start eating watermelon and not have to wonder if it’s “out of season.”


The beginning of summer is a wistful time for me. I love the NBA and with the start of summer comes the end of the NBA season. With no more than three games, and more likely only one or two, left in the season, I wonder what I’ll do when I get home from work now. Scout this year’s rookie class? Watch summer rec leagues at Rucker Park? Camp outside of MSG and hope the Knicks find some way to trade Amare? Maybe. All of those are options right now, and I’m not going to close the door on any of them, but that’s not really how I hope to spend my time.

Bocce ball, on the other hand, is something I’m looking forward to. I like the European sensibilities of the classic game, and unlike baseball, it can be played with just a few friends. I don’t know if I can think of a better way to spend an afternoon than playing bocce in the park and then returning home to put some meats—steaks, burgers, brats— on the grill and enjoying a beverage or two.


Sure, there are some things about summer that I can’t proclaim to love. The humidity is treacherous, man-sandals are a travesty and television across the board is terrible. There are a few shows on the USA network that I can watch, but outside of that, it’s slim picking. Ultimately though, I can look past these deficiencies and just try to enjoy the parts of the season that I love – weekends at the beach, air conditioning, and watermelon. It’s by far my favorite fruit.

Is it just me or is everyone in the city a little happier today than they were last week – well maybe not today as its 110 degrees, but at the end of the day…its summertime.


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