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Ten Things You Probably Never Knew About Marisa

As of last Monday, I have officially been working at Conversation for 6 months exactly. Hard to believe how quickly time flies sometimes. Despite being at this company for 6 months, there are some fun facts about myself or just interesting tidbits that most of you do not know about. So without further ado, here are 10 facts about the wonderful Marisa Sloane Bernstein:

1. Between the ages of 9-13 (this might be a lie, but it’s a rough estimate) I did not have a bedroom at my home and slept on a couch-bed in the foyer. Every single night we would have to assemble it, and every single morning we would have to put it back as a couch. It wasn’t until I was 13 that my parents build a fake wall in our apartment and sectioned off part of our dining room to make a bedroom for myself. This was a wise move, because around this time, I need a safe haven for my angst-ridden self (middle school blows).
2. During my senior year of high school I was the President (well, it was really called General Chair, but as an equivalent association I was el Presidente) of Model Congress. For all of you non nerds out there, this is a form of a debate club where we would replicate congressional proceedings and debate on various topics and issues. I won various awards throughout my 3 years of participating, which explains why I have those gavels I tell Frankie I will bring in for him.

Wow, I look so young here!

Wow, I look so young here!

3. I have never in my life been skiing/snowboarding/to any snowy form of mountain that would allow for winter related sports.
4. I have never considered myself an athlete, but for 8th grade, and the winter season of 9th grade I ran track. Needless to say, I was not very good. Despite my lack of skills, I was also awarded as Athlete of the Summer for my division at sleepaway camp when I was 13. When I got to the front of the auditorium to accept the award, noticing my befuddled state, the division leader handed me the award and said, “Well, you tried!” (A for effort I guess?)
5. Ali Klein likes to make mention of me being a Rager, but despite popular belief, I am into other forms of music that are not house/techno. Some of my favorite bands are Foo Fighters, Goo Goo Dolls, Counting Crows, and R.E.M… and yes, I have seen them all in concert.
6. During my years at UMass and even now as an alumnus I was/am a member of Phi Sigma Pi, the National Co-Ed Honors Fraternity. During my junior year I held the position of Initiate Advisor (Pledgemaster). Don’t worry…we had a strict no hazing policy, so no funny business went on during my power trip.

Me with some of the crew from PSP

Me with some of the crew from PSP

7. Before working at Conversation, I worked as a seasonal employee at a Chocolate Factory (insert all Willie Wonka jokes here). It was absolutely terrible and I am pretty sure I gained 10 pounds from eating samples all the time. I once had to deliver 30 pounds of rice krispies to a vendor in my regular Honda Accord, which was not equipped to fit such an unnecessary amount of cereal. I am happy this will never be something I have to do again.
8. When I went to UMass, I worked for Minuteman Roundup through the admissions building. This meant I harassed seniors in high school to get them to come to my beloved alma mater. I did this for 3 years and had some pretty interesting conversations. I was once asked by a 17 year old if I would give him my number so we can meet up at the alumni game when he visits the school to decide if he wants to come there in the Fall. I declined and later obviously checked his Facebook to amuse myself and see what he looked like…he was pretty gross.
9. Spring semester of 2010 I studied abroad in Barcelona…not sure how I am still alive. One night, after going to dinner by the beach, we passed this strip of Spanish bars and as we are walking a guy in a doctor uniform comes at me with a stretcher and throws me onto it. He proceeds to cart me into this bar while blowing whistles and making ambulance noises. I am then hoisted onto the bar where I am being bombarded by bartenders and dancers in doctor and nurse costumes. I am pretty sure I was too shocked to really move or react. It was very bizarre.

Standing in front of the La Sagrada Familia

Standing in front of the La Sagrada Familia

10. I really dislike shopping in stores, and I hate malls even more. I really have no patience and the thought of looking through racks of clothing is not fun to me. I also get mall fatigue after like 30 minutes spent there. For those of you unfamiliar with mall fatigue, it is the gross fatigue/sweaty feeling you get after walking around the mall and entering store after store. I think mall shopping should be an Olympic sport. Online shopping is the bomb and I don’t have to put on real clothes to do it.


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