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That Amuses Me

I’m easily amused, and I’ve been told that I find humor in the most random things, even things that others might not find funny. With that said, when I’m taking a break from the busy world of Client Services, I like to visit the following sites that I find to be extremely entertaining.

Suri Cruz’s Burn Book


This tumblr is written from the snarky perspective of 6 year old Suri Cruz about celebrities and their children who annoy and disappoint her, many on a re-occurring basis.  The Hollywood celeb-u-tot tells it like it is. Some topics are discussed more frequently than others, such as Shiloh Jolie Pitt’s obvious lack of a fashion sense and the awkwardness of Violet Garner-Affleck. When it comes down to it, no one can upstage this little princess. With her keen fashion sense and sassy attitude to boot, the girl’s going to be running the scientology center in no time.

This Is Why I’m Broke


This is Why I’m Broke is an online catalogue/magazine with a selection of the most random yet amazing things available for purchase, ever. When this little gem arrived in my inbox from a co-worker I was instantly hooked.  In the market for a $65,000 dolphin power boat?  You can get it here. How about a pumpkin carriage bed for $47,000? Cause who wouldn’t want to sleep in one of those?!  I’ve been quoted saying it before and I’ll say it again that this is Skymall on crack, literally times a million.

Texts From Dog

A curious and talented British bulldog sends texts to his owner, and his owner posts them to this blog. Often this dog is getting into trouble by having rumbles with squirrel gangs, or plotting world domination as his super-hero alter-ego BATDOG (although apparently he uses curtains for his cape). This is the wittiest dog I’ve ever seen, and although of course I highly doubt that the bulldog is actually sitting there texting messages to his master while home alone, if my dog were texting me I would also be posting every message.


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