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The iPhone Killer?!?!?

The marketing blitz is on. ¬†While sitting on my couch wasting away my weekend watching college football all day Saturday and pro football all day Sunday, I practically had this commercial memorized after the 10th time i saw it. ¬†It is the end of the iPhone as we know it. ¬†Competition that promises to do everything that Apple and its cash cow smart phone can’t do. ¬†By November, will everyone and their mother drop their beloved iPhones and wrap their hands around Verizon’s Droid? ¬†Hardly.

While the campaign is admirable (less than two days up on YouTube has gathered almost 500,000 views on my last check) it is all being performed in vain.  At the end of the day, iPhone owners are going to keep their iPhones.

To start, the ad highlights the many ‘iDont’s’of the iPhone, one being a lack of a physical keyboard. ¬†Although it might take some getting used to in the early days of iPhone ownership, this is hardly a flaw. ¬†The “iDon’t run widgets” raised an eyebrow. ¬†What’s a widget? ¬†iPhones have apps, and at a glance, I see that the App Store offers over 85,000 apps, compared to Android Market’s 10,000.

Nice Try.

Verizon actually failed to highlight the iPhone’s biggest flaw; AT&T’s terrible wireless network coverage. ¬†We’ve all seen the ads boasting Verizon’s dominance in the wireless network airwaves, why not throw that in the commercial and actually make a valid point for switching devices?

I also just can’t see any loyal iPhone owner making the switch. Just look at mp3 players. ¬†Think of someone you know that listens to music on something other than an iPod. I’ll wait. ¬†Consumers so loyal to a brand and their products don’t make a switch so easily, this market in particular. ¬†The road to success for the Droid will be rocky and steep. ¬†I imagine this road somewhere near the Khumbu Icefall on Mt. Everest.

I can make the comparison to the iPhone and the Droid as easy as this:

We are all babies, holding our bottles (iPhone).  Someone comes up to us and tries to make us switch to a normal cup (Droid).  Not happening.  We want the bottle.


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