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The newest iPhone app to wow us: Square

‚ÄúCash only‚Äù is a phrase I dread when going out. Whether I‚Äôve just ordered a round of shots for my office buddies at our favorite after work haunt, or I’m waiting to check out after I‚Äôve just created the perfect salad at my neighborhood deli, the outcome is usually the same. I am forced to either forfeit my goods or dash to the nearest ATM. So much time and money wasted! There has to be a better way!

While most merchants have adapted to the credit card culture, it seems that many still have not. Now, I understand that some of this may be due to legal issues (ahem, avoiding taxes…), but most of the blame can be pointed at connectivity and cost issues.

But, with the recent unveiling of Square, a new mobile payment venture from Twitter Co-founder Jack Dorsey, this dilemma might finally be solved. Essentially, a customer just swipes his or her credit card through the mobile add-on, and the card is charged!  The application is available on most Apple products (including iPod touch) and select Android devices.

So instead of losing out on potential customers, who probably haven’t carried cash since, oh, 2002, I urge merchants to think about incorporating this low-cost alternative!

Check out this video Square released a few weeks ago to see the product and service in action!


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