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The real-time marketing hype

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In some respects, real-time marketing can be like a double-edged sword. When the timing is right, releasing content to a captivated audience can be very powerful for a brand. During the 2013 Super Bowl power outage, the audience (both live and those watching from afar at home) immediately fled to Twitter; not only for updates, but as a source of interaction to stay occupied. Oreo, Tide and Audi responded within minutes and became THE story in the marketing industry, following the game.

However, this past Sunday, while I was self-interrupting myself during the Oscars to check my Twitter, I thought to myself: why am I really checking Twitter? I ended up missing parts of the Oscars because I was scrolling through numerous hashtags and checking out nominee predictions.  Why are brands X, Y and Z are commenting on celebrity dresses and polling their followers on what their favorites were? What happened to the good ole days of just, enjoying the show? According to Evan Greene, CMO of The Grammys, over 24 million participated on social media during the broadcast. Are brands’ real-time marketing initiatives even of value to their audience?

While social media has certainly propelled real-time marketing, brands ought to be strategic when engaging with their fans. Not everything requires an instant comment. Rather than simply injecting content, CMOs need to choose the right channels and infiltrate the appropriate events that align with their brand and audience. When all is said and done, the hype of real-time marketing is leading brands to jump on social media and disrupt us with oftentimes, meaningless content, just for the sake of showing their presence.


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