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The Twitter Sign-Up Slowdown

Despite increased revenue, investors and marketers had a bit of a freak out earlier this month following the release of Twitter’s fourth quarter earnings report. While revenue doubled since last year, many followers (no pun intended) of the social network were disturbed by its slowdown in user growth, which rose only four percent from October through December. Meanwhile, Twitter feed check-ins were down seven percent over that same amount of time.

It might be time to come to grips with what Twitter is – as in, it’s not Facebook, whose user base stands at about 1.2 billion users 10 years after its initial launch (compared to Twitters 241 million). But this shouldn’t discourage marketers from viewing Twitter as a viable option, and here’s why: Twitter has shown an unabashed willingness to experiment, especially when it comes to marketing.

The company recently revealed its plan for major design changes to the site. The new, picture-heavy newsfeed could give advertisers more freedom to be creative with their promoted tweets. In addition, as mobile use continues to grow on all fronts, it would behoove marketers to take note of the fact that 75 percent of all Twitter users access the network via their phones.

Finally, an advantage that Twitter has over many of its competitors is that it’s possible for posted brand content to be seen by others outside of only that brand’s followers. So while investors and analysts continue to fret over the signup slowdown, the best approach for marketers to take is to stay the course.


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