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The Use of Digital in OOH and Print: Analysis, Research, Facts

Our world is changing. Information has become so instant that all we have to do is take out our Smartphone, and Google whatever we want to know. How about a video? Just YouTube it on your Smartphone. Do you want a new game? Or perhaps even a new song or movie? It’s simple! Just go to an App store and purchase it.

Since information is so easily accessible, it is no wonder that Marketing has evolved. According to IDC there were a total of 302.6 million Smartphones shipped globally in 2010. That is a 74.4 percent increase from 2009, which makes Smartphones 21.8 percent of handhelds shipped. That is about 20 percent of 5 billion people. Think about it for a second – that is 1 billion people that can be reached through advertising; and what better way to reach them than through 2D Codes.

Ever since being invented in 1994, QR Codes have been hailed as the future. Unfortunately they never really took off because the platform wasn’t there, but with the dawn of Smartphones that platform is now established and has seen nothing but growth in usage. From Q4 2009 till Q4 2010 there has been a 477% increase in mobile barcode usage.


The most notable thing that happened in Q4 2010 is that the United States finally got the #1 spot in terms of absolute number of scans, dethroning the old #1 Italy. Italy is looking to be pushed farther back down the list as Germany and Canada’s usage rate has been steadily increasing.


It is already known that you can use a QR code as a business card, a link to your mobile site, and even as a name tag at parties. It is definitively an avenue that a lot of marketing agencies are exploring, as evidenced by the increased usage rates. We can only imagine what the future will bring, and at the same time be thrilled as to where this evolution in marketing and strategy can and eventually will take us.




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