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The Use of Digital with OOH and Print: Trends, Uses and Cases Studies

Being a designer and living in NYC, it’s hard not to pay attention to the millions and millions of ads all over the city.
The biggest trend nowadays is putting QR codes on almost every ad.

Here are a few examples of great uses of QR codes:

Kid Robot Scavenger Hunt
To promote their Dunny 2009 collection, Kid Robot created a scavenger hunt around NYC. You downloaded a free app, then used QR codes to find clues and view the new collection of toys. The person that found all the clues won some cool prizes.


Hacker Group QR codes Itself
This digital marketing agency placed a QR code sign outside their offices. Once you scanned the code on your phone, a mobile site showed up where you could learn more about the agency.


How about a way to promote yourself?
Well, you can add QR codes to business cards. The codes can link to mobile sites with your information, or add the info directly to your phone.


Let’s not forget about Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality is another form of digital use. Computer generated images can be projected onto real life environments using any kind of mobile device or personal computer that has a webcam. This campaign was a great example of augmented reality use:

Blink 182 Doritos Late Night
The idea was that when you bought a bag of the new Doritos Late Night, there was a symbol on the bag which would unlock a Blink 182 concert once you logged into the campaign site. Here is the video:




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