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All Things Fall Are Back Again

The change of the seasons is such a beautiful thing, and we in NYC feel very blessed to have them.  Despite the some of the biting cold days of our winters – that seem to last much longer than any other season, and some of the beyond scorching days of the summer that leave you with a cast of sweat the minute you open your door, it is nice to have a change of pace.  With the changing seasons come different products, different consumer preferences, and different color schemes.  However, the season that seems to be the most easy to tackle for marketers is the lovely season that is now creeping upon us, fall!

Yes, of course we love the red, green and winter whites of the Holiday season.  Yes, we love the pastels of April and May.  Yes we love the neons of the summer.  However, consumers of all ages, no matter their style, resonate with the staples of fall.  Change the color to orange and say it’s pumpkin flavored and it’s likely to generate a ton of sales.  The first items to hit the shelves in late August usually lend a feeling of impending doom.  No, summer is almost over!!  However, as the first cool nights of September roll around we’re thrilled those pumpkin spiced treats and drinks are available.

It’s amazing how some things never change!