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Throwback to the Marketing Tactics of Yesterday that are Still Working Today


In lieu of Throwback Thursday rolling around again, we decided to take a look at some of the marketing tactics from the past.  Although changing with the times is pivotal to the success of marketing and advertising, there are still many methods that happen to work as well today as they did 20 years ago.  These suggestions from Steve Olenski, contributor to Forbes magazine, are a great reminder of some of those trusty strategies.

  1. Promotional Gifts – Promotional gifts are a fantastic example of a marketing technique that has likely been around since not too much longer after the discovery of the concept of trade. You can bet some enterprising neanderthal was offering an extra sabre-tooth tiger fang with every purchase of one of his warm wooly mammoth coats. “Promotional gifts are one of the most cost-effective ways to make a lasting impression on a potential customer,” says Gareth Parking from GoPromotional, one of the United Kingdom’s leading providers of promotional gifts. “A tiny investment in a promotional gift can literally buy you years of attention from some clients.”
  2. Mailing Lists/Lead Buying – While we are seeing mailing lists somewhat evolve in the context of email marketing campaigns, traditional direct mailing and lead buying efforts are alive and well also. “Buying qualified leads for direct mailing campaigns remains one of our most reliable revenue channels,” says Tommy Mello from A1 Garage Nation, a multi-location garage door repair service that depends on drumming up local business. “Nothing else we have tried, including PPC advertising, has been able to match the ROI we receive from purchasing pre-qualified leads.”
  3. Coupons/Mailers — The ability to send mailers to very specific locations, down to the zip code or neighborhood, allows many service companies to identify and target their best potential customers. “We know many homeowners don’t do the recommended garage door maintenance. With that knowledge, we can target our mailers to neighborhoods that are between 5 – 10 years old – about the typical life of a garage door. Or, we can target wealthier neighborhoods with custom, high-end garage door designs,” says Mello. “Understanding the local demographics is crucial when we expand into a new city. While PPC and local SEO helps users find us easily on-line, using mailers to increase brand awareness is vital in helping us build trust with consumers. Consumer trust increases sales calls.”
  4. Sign Spinning – Last but not least, don’t underestimate the power of theatricality. In cities across the nation, you’ll see the most crowded commercial strips often boast a few sign spinners quite literally making a spectacle of themselves during prime hours. While it may seem difficult to believe, many studies have proven the efficacy these sorts of marketing techniques have in grabbing the wandering eyes of passerby. Considering the incredibly low cost, sign spinning can be an incredibly effective investment indeed.
  5. Jingles/Pitches/Slogans – The power of jingles, pitches, and slogans hasn’t diminished over time because they rely on human psychology and our shared capacity for language, rather than some fancy marketing trick. Catchy, memorable phrases have a way of sticking in peoples’ minds. I catch myself singing jingles all the time and not just current ones, either. The other day I could not get the old Armour Hot Dogs jingle out of my head for some unknown reason

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