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Traditional Advertising: Analysis, Research, Facts

Take Away
Traditional Media is here to stay (and Convo team knows this!). It’s a unique time in the advertising industry and as an agency to find that way to bridge the gap with traditional marketing and emerging media knowing the importance of traditional media is trust, effective (and has large budgets!).

The world wide offline? As we’ve read earlier this week, traditional media is something that continues to play a major part in marketing. In fact, it still makes up the majority of marketing funds and efforts. TV, Print and Radio are the major contributors to traditional media and the following statistics prove their value.

Traditional media outlets are instantly recognizable and therefore more trusted and credible (where as a blog would not be). Not only is traditional media trusted, “Avg media “viewer” watches 2,223 minutes of video in a week… 99% is on TV, 1% is on a computer, mobile viewing is 1/5 of 1%.”

In the Neilson 3-screen Report it stated:

“As of Q1 2010 the 292 million people in the US with TVs spend on average 158 hours, 25 minutes each month tuning into television. Q1 2010 data shows that 138 million people watching video on the Internet spent on average 3 hours, 10 minutes during the month doing so. As of 1Q10 the 20.3 million people who watch mobile video in the US spend on average 3 hrs, 37 minutes each month watching video on a mobile phone.”

In 2009, it is reported that 346,571,912 magazines were sold for a yearly revenue of $9,084,807,632.

Metrics supporting the campaign’s message include:

• Magazine readership has risen 4.3% over the past five years (Source: MRI Fall 2009, Fall 2005 data)
• Average paid subscriptions reached nearly 300 million in 2009 (Source: MPA estimates based on ABC first half 2009 and second half 2009 data)
• Adults 18-34 are avid magazine readers. They read more issues and spend more time per issue than their over 34 counterparts (Source: MRI Fall 2009 data)
• During the 12-year life of Google, magazine readership increased 11% (Source: MRI Fall 2009 data)
‚Ä¢ Magazine effectiveness is growing. Ad recall has increased 13% over the past five years. Action-taking‚Äîbased on readers recalling specific ads‚Äîincreased by 10%. (Source: Affinity’s VISTA Print Effectiveness Rating Service, 2005-2009)
• Magazines outperform other media in driving positive shifts in purchase consideration/intent. (Source: Dynamic Logic)

Despite ever increasing statistics around TV and print, radio seems to be struggling due to new technologies such as iTunes and music services like Pandora and Sirius Radio.

Take Away
Traditional Media is important and should always be kept in mind when making recommendations to Clients. It is still important and continues to be a key aspect to effective marketing campaigns and awareness (and did we mention a good way to grow budgets?!)

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