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Transit Advertising – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Analysis, Research, Facts

“The True, The Possibly True, and The Completely Made Up”

  • According to, the average American spends 72 minutes per day in transit.
  • The average ride on the NYC Subway Shuttle is 2-3 minutes long.


  • 10 out of 10 people who go to scan a QR code on an underground subway system in NYC, can’t …because they are on an underground subway system.


  • 0% of fish were harmed in the making of this GrubHub ad.
  • 1 Conversation employee who saw this Gilt airplane ad ended up spending more than the $10 it would’ve cost to pay for WiFi.  :)


  • 100% of people waiting at this bus shelter were warmer than those commuters waiting at other outdoor bus shelters.


  • 100% of people who saw this ad initially had no idea what it was for.
  • 100% of people who saw this ad agree that kissing a dirty ashtray is not pleasant.
  • 100% of people who saw this ad agree that bunnies are cute.


  • Ads containing both facts and myths, such as the Con Ed Energy Quizzes, often lead to consumer confusion. A study conducted by social psychologist Norbert Schwarz found that it only takes 3 days for 1/3 of study participants to confuse myths and facts.



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