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In, Out, & Here To Stay: Trends, Uses, and Case Studies

In today’s market, brands are forced to get creative and experiment with new and innovative ways of marketing in order to make a lasting impression.¬† The question is which trends prove successful and sustainable enough for other brands to follow suit and jump on the band wagon to turn a trend into lasting form of advertising.

An upcoming trend that seems to be getting more popular by the minute is mobile location based augmented reality apps for smart phones.  Gene Becker, augmented reality strategist believes that AR will become essential to consumers mobile experiences.  In 2010, eBay launched the eBay classifieds channel which allows users to discover deals and listings in their vicinity by simply using their camera to scan the area around them.


The most obvious trend that is clearly here to stay in the world of online marketing is the introduction of Facebook and the means to reach consumers on a direct and personal level.¬† Brands are beginning to learn that not having a social presence can extremely hinder success.¬† In fact, a social presence can help pull a company out of its funk.¬†¬† Take Toyota, for example: I’m sure everyone remembers Toyota’s massive safety recalls.¬† Not only did it hurt reputation but also damaged sales.¬† So what have they done to repair their image?¬† Turn to Twitter!¬† However, they haven’t just created Twitter and Facebook pages and expected the consumer to do all the work.¬† The company has created a social media response team and even launched a branded Twitter channel on TweetMeme which organizes conversations around Toyota.


Taking it a step further, BMW has been experimenting with online documentaries in hopes to reach thought leaders that will talk up there product via social media.  BMW is learning that it is not enough to just have a social media presence; they feel it’s important to set up online content for conversation.  For the introduction of their new ActiveE electric car, BMW is completely bypassing traditional TV advertising and heading straight for online and social media marketing.  With their recently released Activate the Future campaign, BMW, with the help of some of the most influential scientists, academics, pioneers, and entrepreneurs, has produced 4 documentary films of the future of mobility.  However, with the campaign being live for almost 2 months now, they have achieved 1,153 fans on Facebook and about 900 Twitter followers – not very impressive.  Needless to say, it was a solid attempt, but unless campaigns such as this put more effort into really integrating into the social media space, I can’t really see this type of trend catching on.




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