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Twitter Continues to Become More Relevant in the Marketing Space

Twitter continues to become more relevant in the marketing space, as the last three days have yielded two of the bigger moves by the social media giant. Wednesday it was announced that the service is introducing keyword targeting to its platform, while yesterday Twitter officially revealed its new music service on Good Morning America.

To start, the keyword targeting seems to make perfect sense. For a service that is mainly centered on text-based posts that often contain people’s interests, it is a wonder how Twitter didn’t push for this earlier. Some estimate that Twitter’s ad revenue will reach up to $1 billion this year thanks to the introduction of keyword search. While others, such as eMarketer, have predicted more modest numbers for 2013 (although still certainly nothing to overlook), what this means is that brand marketers can now look to Twitter as an even more valuable means to reach their target audience. While the move won’t lead to more ads on users’ feeds, it will mean that any ad they do see will be specially tailored based on what they have been tweeting.

Meanwhile, rumors about a Twitter music service started surfacing late last week. Earlier this morning it was announced that an app is now available in a handful of countries, including the U.S., U.K. and Canada. Produced by startup service We Are Hunted, which was recently acquired by Twitter, the app will pull music from Rdio, Spotify and iTunes while using information from the user’s feed to deliver the best possible music options.

Twitter made headlines back in January with a similar app launch: Vine. The app, which allows users to post short video clips on Facebook, Twitter and Vine itself, has since risen to the number one position in social on the App Store, while brands continue to clamor for new ways to use it.

Twitter, like many other social networks, has gone from social network – and in some cases, information source – to what now looks like it could become a marketing avenue with still untapped potential.


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