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Twitter’s Attempt to Answer Facebook Connect


Twitter is getting close to launching a set of tools to help facilitate the integration of Twitter features into third-party websites. This toolbelt is reported to give sites the ability to authenticate users and exchange data, and make it easy for Tweeters to update when one participating sites. To put it frankly, Twitter is going to try to build off of the same success Facebook had with their ridiculously popular integration tool, Facebook Connect.

Facebook Connect was introduced to the world in late 2008 and has since been added to over 80,000 websites and used by 60 million Facebook users on third-party websites each month. Twitter has seen a great opportunity to expand off of their ‘sign in with Twitter’ feature, which allows users to log in to third-party sites with their Twitter handles, and take it much further than its current capabilities have ever gone. Should be interesting to see what cool stuff Frank O’Brien and the rest of our development team over at Conversation, LLC. will be able to do when this comes out.


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