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Valuable Advertising Real Estate for Brands

With the Academy Awards often dubbed as “The Super Bowl for Women,” it goes without saying that award shows in general are valuable advertising real estate for brands. Case-in-point, the top spots for the Oscars went for between $1.6 and 1.8 million – and this year’s show definitely gave brands a reason to feel confident about their investment. According to Nielsen, viewers within the 18-49 year old demographic jumped up 11 percent from last year.


Technology giants Apple and Samsung had two of the more memorable ads, both producing movie-themed commercials. Apple’s “Hollywood” commercial highlighted a handful of new mobile apps, including its 8mm Vintage Camera App (which was actually used by Malik Bendjelloul’s to complete the filming of what ended up being his Oscar-winning documentary, Searching for Sugar Man). Samsung took a more comical approach, focusing on their “Unicorn Apocalypse” app (fictional) in six different commercial installments throughout the night, including one that featured Academy Award nominated director Tim Burton, who discussed a movie-version of “Unicorn Apocalypse” with the app creators in the spot.

Reviews of “Real-Time marketing,” a trend that has taken off since Oreo’s Super Bowl blackout Twitter stunt on February 3, were mixed during the event. While some brands showcased purposeful posting during the Oscars, many critics felt that others (such as Special K, Oscar Meyer and U.S. Cellular) either had no business attempting it or clearly struck out, leading to question of if real-time marketing should only be used under very unique circumstances.

The Grammys and Golden Globes are the two other A-list award shows that garner considerable attention from marketers.  Over 13.2 million total tweets about the Grammys were traded during the event’s broadcast. Meanwhile, the Golden Globes had some experts forecasting that Tumblr will become television viewers’ #1 second screen activity of choice in the near future, as it allows users to post more in depth content than Twitter.


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