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We love e-releases…


There are plenty of wire services out there, but one in particular has amazed us with their customer service which has set them apart from the competition – First we received a picture of their team with a handwritten note welcoming us to the “e-releases family” the day of our first press release. [picture to come when I can wade through my 10 million emails to find it…] NOW, a few months after becoming a customer, we receive a HANDWRITTEN note from a “brainstorm session” where they sat down and thought about how we could use their service to grow our business. Salesy? Yes. BUT Salesy in a way that says “we put effort into this, as a team, and here’s how you can effectively use our service in a way that’s going to produce a return which you might not have thought about.” Bravo e-releases. We learned something from you today…


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