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What’s in Chris’s bag?


As an on-the-go professional, my bag, or in my case backpack, contains the items most important to the productive urban dweller.  Since I like to travel light, I don’t carry too much; however don’t let that fool you.  On a quick trip out of town, my bag can expand to store up to 7 days worth of clothes, along with an extra pair of shoes (ones that can be bent to fit in place).  It’s great when getting on a plane without an extra carry-on, or avoiding baggage fees.

Either way, on a daily basis, you can usually find me walking the cavernous streets of Manhattan, or the low-rise avenues Brooklyn with my backpack on containing the following items:

  1. Apple MacBook Pro 15” – First and foremost, my laptop.  My trusty MacBook Pro. It’s a workhorse adorned in a hard plastic shell casing, and is the focal point of my mobile productivity.  I take it almost everywhere I go.  Through airport security, across the country, other countries, road trips, you name it.  It’s usually with me.
  2. G-Technology G-Drive – If the MacBook is the brain of the mobile professional, the G-Drive is the heart.  Arguably more important than the laptop, the G-Drive is always tucked securely in an inner, inner pocket, in padded leather casing.  Also a world traveler, my G-Drive usually goes wherever my laptop does.
  3. Wires & Cables – For obvious reasons I usually keep my laptop charger, phone USB charger, hands-free kit, and a cable for my hard drive on me at all times, just in case.
  4. Wireless Mouse – Because I just can’t be confined to the track pad on my laptop, my ergonomic wireless mouse fits the bill and allows me to work in comfort while out and about.
  5. Vitamins and Tea – I usually have a few packets of Emergen-C vitamins in my bag’s top pocket, along with some bags of green tea. I am big into antioxidants and usually these, along with the multi-vitamins I take every morning, help protect me from getting sick to the point where I can’t work.
  6. Books – Usually I carry at least one book with me to read while in transit.  I am now re-reading a book on Object-Oriented Modeling that I haven’t looked at in awhile.  With a new set of projects on the way, a review of the fundamentals is key to keeping me sharp.  I also bring a MUJI sketchbook, where I write notes during meetings or daily to-do lists.

That’s about it.  The amount of items I carry may vary at times. My iPad or iPod may come with me, or sometimes some snacks to consume while at the office, but generally I always have the items above in my backpack.  That way, I can stay ready for anything that comes my way.


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