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What’s in Laurie’s bag?


What’s in my Bag?

As we saw with Chris Anderson and Chris Walker, you can tell a lot about a person by asking them what they carry around. For me, what I have in my bag depends on where I’m going and what I’m doing. If I’m travelling, as I often am, I pack as lightly as possible and always carry on. If I’m shopping or running errands, I also pack lightly, so that I have plenty of room to fit in new purchases :) And if I’m heading to the office, the items below are always with me:

  1. iPhone: It’s 2012. You’ll never find anyone leaving the house without a cell phone. I often get teased for my “outdated” version of the iPhone (3gs), but I actually think it says a lot about me. I’ve been an iPhone user since they first came out but have never been one to care too much about crazy technology. I need my phone to make calls and connect to email… that’s about it!
  2. Reading Materials: Another example of my “outdated” practices is the fact that I still prefer hard copy reading materials to digital versions. There’s something about physically flipping the pages and progressing through a book or magazine that makes me feel accomplished and productive.
  3. Recipes: I love cooking, and my favorite thing to do is try new recipes. I’ll always save recipes and clippings of things I want to make for dinner and stop by the grocery store on the way home. And 90% of the time it’s something Italian – my favorite type of food.
  4. iPad: Ok… So I gave in a bit to technology and got an iPad. I use it mainly to watch movies/play games when I travel or to check my personal email. In this industry it also doesn’t hurt to bring an iPad to client meetings – sometimes having access to the internet and a screen is necessary and iPad’s are certainly easier to transport than laptops and more exciting than projectors.
  5. Business Cards: Being in Corporate Communications, I’m often involved in networking events and get togethers – you never want to get caught without a card after meeting someone who could be a good contact. I’ve learned to take them everywhere I go.
  6. Gum: This is my one essential “product.” When your job depends on your ability to engage in conversations, you should always keep a pack of gum on hand :)
  7. A matching bag: My actual bag varies from situation to situation, but I have a quite a selection to chose from and enjoying collecting them. The one I use most often for work is this Anya Hindmarch that I got as a Christmas gift and that matches pretty much everything. Bags allow us to express ourselves, and I enjoy coordinating different bags with my outfit, activity, or mood.


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