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What’s In My Bag?

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1. A snack for me and a snack for Riley, because a hungry Riley is an angry Riley, and you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. One time I came home and he ate my stuffed bunny out of angry hunger.

2. Wallet. I use this to buy many things, like doggie treats and doggie toys, and Starbucks.

3. iPhone. This is what I use to Instagram Riley. I tried to get him one so he could text me when he misses me, but his lack of opposable thumbs made this too difficult.

4. A Hair clip (for Riley).

5. Rosebud salve. This is a multi-purpose product, but I use it primarily for lip gloss. Dogs hate chapped lips.

6. Hand sanitizer. I consider this just as important to have as my wallet, because 8 million people live here and everybody puts their hands all over the subway poles. All it takes is one person to get infected and it becomes the zombie apocalypse. Think about it.

7. Some mints and a blue jolly rancher. My breath needs to be fresh and fly, and my tongue needs to be blue like the sky.

8. My favorite Raybans. Swag.

9. Keys and mini wallet. I put my mini wallet inside my regular sized one, so I can buy while I buy.

10. A doggie toy, for emergency doggy angst.


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