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What’s In My Bag (A Lot…)


Around the office you may have heard several of my nicknames tossed around. The Queen, Barbie, Klink. But one name I have also received is bag lady because despite my OCD tendencies and need for structure I often carry around a lot of stuff in multiple bags.

Now, I don’t see this as a bad thing, just goes along with my mantra that you can never be too prepared. So here’s a look into my Mary Poppins bag…

Bridal shower invitation: At this point in my life, it’s all about weddings & babies (just not my own of course). I threw this in my bag this morning to remind myself to RSVP/buy a gift.

Random Restaurant Business Cards: If I go to a good restaurant, I’ll make sure to pick one up. The one on top is from a fantastic restaurant I went to in San Francisco called Bar Agricole. I put it back in my bag as a reminder to remake one their signature Brown Derby cocktails.

Business cards: You never know when you are going to have to network!

iPhone: Can’t leave home without it. Especially with the shiny screen thanks to my new friend, Gopal, who will fix your cracked iPhone in about 20 minutes (if you are willing to meet him at Dollar Pizza).

Coin purse: One day I will exchange all of the coins for cash. One day. And I will be rich.

Recipes: When I’m not pinning recipes and food photos from Pinterest on my iPhone, I still look for recipes in magazines. This is an old one (from way back in February) but I really want to make the fontina stuffed meatball recipe on the back of the page.

Perfume: I’m slightly paranoid that I smell bad so I always make sure to carry some perfume with me.

Emergen-C: I usually take one a day to try and ward off any illness (and also to make Barbie pink water).

Gum: See aforementioned reference to “paranoid I smell”; also pertains to breath.

Apple: A hungry Kristen is not a happy Kristen. You have been warned.

Red lipstick: Necessary to complete the “mourning Barbie” look. And from a marketing standpoint, the fact that L’Oreal paired up with Target to create the Target red lipstick had me sold.

Burt’s Bees chapstick: Best. Stuff. Ever.

Bag inside a bag: While it may seem like I carry a lot of junk around, I still am pretty OCD and often carry multiple bags within a bag.

Sunglasses: Never want to be unprepared with sunglasses that don’t match your outfit style (hence the two pairs).

Tandy: I also like to keep a Tandy in my bag for those times I need a headline written on the spot or to understand the difference between “flush” or “flesh” out.



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