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What’s in my bag?


There are plenty of items in my bag, usually plenty of swag and random papers and receipts from nights out, but finally assessing the contents inside, my bag actually tells a lot about me:

Birth Certificate: “How old are you?” “I am twelve, check my birth certificate.” 10 points to you if you can guess what movie that’s from. šŸ™‚

Stickers: I love stickers. I’ve collected quite a few from different brands, and gone as far as printing my own. The ones here are self-promotional pieces for my up and coming brand The Calm Cool Collective (shameless plug).

Axe Deodorant: It’s summer. I sweat.

iPod: I have a huge library of music on this baby, and lots of notes. Whenever I get inspired by a song I’m listening to, I’ll open up Notes and quickly type my ideas so as not to forget them during my commute.

Designer Fuel: Usually it would be Sailor Jerry or Captain Morgan ..Jack Daniels will do the trick though.

Clear Eyes: Wow.

Battery: Everyone knows my Evo is always dying, so an extra battery is crucial for me.

Change: In case my metro card doesn’t work, or if there’s a pool table around.

Moleskine: Inspiration is all around. Can’t leave home without this one.

Concert Ticket: Recent trip to Prospect Park to see Childish Gambino. Awesome performanceĀ  by the way.

Altoids: Real contents: Advil.

Chalk: I shoot pool. It’s just one of those things that’s become a habit of carrying around.

Hand-sanitizer: These NYC subways aren’t the cleanest of placesā€¦

Contacts/ Glasses: Must carry the specs in case my contacts fail me.

Rasta Necklace: I always have something on me that reminds me of Jamaica. One Love.


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