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June 8, 2010 isn’t just any ordinary day; it is the day the new Apple iOS4 operating system was announced across the world. The OS will be debuted with the new iPhone 4, which will make its way into the hands of millions next month.

The new operating system boasts more than 100 new and upgraded features. One of the main sellers is the multitasking capability. Users can have multiple apps running simultaneously without inhibiting battery life. As shown in the video clip on Mashable, Scott Forstall, Senior VP of Microsoft Software demonstrates the multitasking by playing an arcade game and being able to send a text message with just a click of a button and not having to exit out of the game. This is one of the most innovative features I have seen on a smart phone. Because c’mon…who doesn’t get frustrated when you’re in the middle of a serious game of solitaire and someone keeps blowing up your phone? Or maybe that’s just me…

Another great feature is the file management capability. This allows you to take numerous applications and put them under one file. This de-clutters your home menu and makes it quicker and easier to find similar applications.

So you already have an iPhone and don’t feel like shelling out hundreds of dollars for the new version but want the operating system? No need to worry, when the OS is launched with the iPhone 4, it will also be available for upgrade for older devices such as the iPad, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and second and third generation iPod touch with 32GB or 64GB storage. There are so many other new and exciting features that I can’t even list them all! Check it out for yourself and tell us what you think!


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