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Xbox Live Updates introduce Twitter and Facebook to Game Consoles

With the newest update from Xbox Live, Microsoft attempts to connect us with our friends (providing we have any after being on Xbox 360 all day) on Xbox Live via Facebook and Twitter.  The new update also provides new access to Last.Fm and Zune, giving Xbox Live users the chance to buy,stream, and view music and movies, for a price of course.  Twitter and Facebook are free for Xbox Gold members,and available as a trial for Silver members.


Being an Xbox Live subscriber, I’ve been pretty pleased with the content that has been added in recent months with the addition of Netflix and the ability for more downloadable game content, hopefully this update will be more of the same.


Passing over the new Zune and Last.Fm features, I’ll focus on the addition of Facebook and Twitter.
The core technology for the Xbox Facebook service is Facebook Connect, which links logins for different programs and sites to a Facebook user profile. On the Xbox 360, it’ll link your Facebook profile to your gamertag. From your linked Xbox Live profile, you can look at friends’ Facebook profiles, update your status and look at pictures you and your friends have posted. In addition, if you accomplish any incredible in-game feats, you can update your Facebook profile to let your friends know of your achievement.¬† My only complaint is the lack of functionality for the rest of Facebook’s great offerings, such as applications, games, and quizzes.

What is there to say about Twitter?¬† 140 characters, now with the ability to send from your video game console.¬† Now you can tweet at your friends to tell them how cool you are while you’re playing the latest Call of Duty game.



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