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You Think You Know Google?

I came across a fun Google factoid article listing 10 facts about the company that you probably didn’t know. Some of the facts are pretty surprising!  So here you go Convo Blog fans—enjoy:

1. Did you know that the ever-changing Google logo on the homepage actually has a name? Yep! It’s called the “Doodle”.  When it was first created, it was actually used as an out of office message.  According to the article, in 1998 Brin and Page, founders of Google, were attending the Burning Man festival in Nevada and would be out of the office. So to let their users know, they designed the Doodle to have the Burning Man logo set behind it. It has now evolved into much more. Doodles are creatively designed to celebrate anniversaries and important events. I don’t know about you, but I love going to the Google homepage and seeing what new and creative Doodle they have created that day!

2. When Google stock first hit the market back in 2004, it was priced at $85 per share.  As of 10:15 this morning, price per share is a whopping $500. The stock has hit a high of $600 this past year, making it a smart investment, if you can afford it.

3. Back in the good ol’ 90’s when Brin and Page were first toying around with the idea of Google while attending Stanford University, they built the first Google storage out of LEGOS. Yes, you read correctly, LEGOS. The reason for using LEGOS was because it was a cheap way to house 4 10 GB hard drives and was easily expandable.

4. “I’m 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010.”

I’ll give the first person to figure it out…a high five! What did you expect money out of me? Hint: It is the phrase from the company’s homepage.

5. Google rents goats. It’s hard to believe this one, but it is very true. Google rents these cute animals from a company called California Grazing as an alternative to lawnmowers. The goats munch on the weeds and brush at Google’s headquarters in California.

6. In 2006, Merriam-Webster inducted Google as a verb in their dictionary. To much surprise, Google wasn’t too happy. In a blog post, Google stated, “We’d like to make clear that you should please only use ‘Google’ when you’re actually referring to Google Inc. and our services.”  In their own defense, Google believed they had to protect their brand and didn’t want their name to become a common used term. I think that Google has to wave the white flag on that one because it is quite obvious that they have lost that battle. People have coined the term “googling” as the action word for searching information on the internet via search engines.

7. No need for a dog walker for Fido anymore! Google allows their employees to bring their beloved best friends to work with them. Owners just need to be sure that their pup will get along with all the other Google doggies and employees. Also, too many accidents in the office will get you a one-way ticket back home. If you’re a cat person, you are out of luck because according to their Code of Conduct, kitties are not allowed.

8. In 1999, Google introduced their first company snack, Sweedish Fish. These chewy candies led to the growth of the importance of eating and snacking at Google. One-of-a-kind cafeterias are standard at each Google location across the world. Snack food and beverages are always in reach for employees to keep their minds working at full capacity. Luckily, Google has their own gym in their offices so their employees don’t pack on the pounds.

9. It wasn’t until March 31, 2001 that the Google homepage was centered. Prior to that, it had always been on the left hand side of the screen. Back in 1998, Google also had an exclamation point in their homepage logo, just like Yahoo.

10. Upon entering Googleplex, you will cross paths with Stan. Who is Stan you are asking? Well, Stan is the T-Rex skeleton that watches over the building night and day. Other interesting creatures that wander the headquarters are pink flamingos, a LEGO man and Android-themed models. There are also other decorations such as a scale replica of SpaceShipOne, ball pits and colorful phone boxes.

There you go folks, now you have a better understanding of Google and where it came from. I just wish they allowed cats in their offices…

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