Could 8 Seconds Be The Sweet Spot for Mobile Ads?

Vine requires 6 second clips, Instagram locks advertisers into 15 second videos, Pandora allows for 30 seconds max with a preferred length of 15 seconds… so many different specifications!  Pandora’s chief revenue officer John Trimble believes 8 seconds may be the magic number.  Studies show that it’s even tough to get listeners to listen to a full 15 second ad; however, the 6 second Vine spot is just too concise for some brands to wrap their heads around.  8 seconds might be just long enough to creatively get your message across without losing your listeners attention for the last half.  Pandora has no set plans to implement these 8 second spots, but it’s something that may pop up somewhere in the near future.  With mobile advertising expected to hit $2.6 billion that year, it should come as no surprise that execs will be evaluating trends and effectiveness heading into 2016 to ensure those dollars continue to rise.