North Shore-LIJ


when we met

Although North Shore-LIJ Health System is the third largest healthcare system in the country, servicing over 7 million people, it was searching for a new way to provide information about its brand and services to consumers.

they asked us

The healthcare provider challenged us to increase its general awareness while educating the audience on the breadth and depth of its extensive specialty service offerings. Their three major goals were to increase awareness, education and action.

so we answered

As the healthcare industry evolved over the years, patients began taking greater control over their health. We recognized that North Shore-LIJ Health System needed to connect with their consumers on a deeper, more emotional level. Because patient interaction plays a major role in North Shore-LIJ’s services, Conversation chose to design and develop interactive advertisements for its consumers. We created expandable online ad units that provided a sample of the Client’s services – allowing the user to hover, scroll and click to learn more information on the ad itself.

With 193.6 million impressions, 16.7 million videos played, and 1.1 million clicks, we can confidently say we accomplished all three goals: awareness, education and action. The ads prompted nearly 10x the industry’s average interaction rate and held attention for 85 seconds (industry average of 20 seconds)! As a result of this award-winning campaign, our relationship with North Shore-LIJ continues to grow today.