consumer packaged goods

when we met

Popchips was already popping up in the media and mouths of many when we began work with the company. Founded in 2007, popchips presents a healthier alternative for snacking – “think popped! never. fried. never baked.” The work began as the result of a unique opportunity – winning the business on AMC’s reality television show, The Pitch. Although the company was steadily succeeding, it needed a definitive direction for capitalizing on its growing popularity.

they asked us

Popchips wanted to provide a way for its consumers to spread their enthusiasm for the brand. The company tasked us with creating a unique platform for sharing and engaging its brand loyalists on all things popchips – inspiring and encouraging them to share their love for and experiences with the brand.

so we answered

After extensive strategy, design and development, we rolled out our big idea – the “year of pop.” We developed a microsite to inspire sharing of both user-generated and branded content across popular social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. We then rewarded these fans for sharing with savings and free samples. Finally, we leveraged the brand’s appearance on The Pitch to generate more buzz for our “year of pop” campaign.

Just six weeks after launch, the results were remarkable with over 28, 653 page views, 15,568 unique visitors, 2,650 direct uploads, and 1,966 prizes awarded, setting the stage for the “year of pop!”