Success by Trump

consumer packaged goods

when we met

American businessman and celebrity Donald Trump was breaking into the beauty market with his new fragrance, Success by Trump. In order to create an impactful, nationwide launch, Trump was planning on leveraging himself in a public relations campaign to promote his fragrance. But how to carry the hype of the appearance over to purchasing power?

they asked us

Trump’s team noticed a need for digital accompaniment to his public relations campaign. The goal was to unify his appearances with the product at various events and Macy’s store locations nationwide with a digital site where the product could live online – one that offered informational and interactive features.

so we answered

Conversation took Trump’s task and “fired” away. Our team designed and developed a micro and mobile site with up-to-date videos and photos from the events, along with information about the fragrance. We then inserted social media into the mix by creating a Facebook page to further raise awareness. Lastly, we took advantage of Trump’s celebrity status by highlighting the fragrance on televisions shows, such as “Celebrity Apprentice.”

The results of integrating the digital and social experience with Trump’s in-store campaign were extremely successful, garnering over 30,000 visits to the site in less than a month and a returning visitor rate of 11%. After tracking awareness and interest on the site, we saw the campaign truly live up to the product name – a big Success.