Chubbies Videos Going Viral on Facebook (not YouTube)

Chubbies, the short shorts retailer for the young men living for the weekend, has been on mission to revolutionize the way men perceive shorts, ever since their inception 4 years ago in 2011.  Their success has largely been driven by their deeply rooted belief in generating great content. Surprisingly enough, the entirety of their marketing budget (which makes up only 15% of the company’s revenue) is geared towards digital, and they have been very successful in utilizing this tactic.  The video sector of their content seems to be taking off extremely well, and in particular on Facebook.

According to Adweek, “On Thursday, for example, the retailer posted a 30-second spot to Facebook and YouTube. By Friday morning, the Facebook version had racked up more than 11,000 views and 350 likes while the YouTube clip had 300 views and 2 comments.”  However, “It’s important to note that Facebook and YouTube count views differently. On YouTube, someone has to watch 30 seconds of something to be considered a view. But on Facebook, a view is counted as three seconds and automatically starts when someone scrolls through a news feed.”

Aside from views alone, engagement with the videos in general is much stronger on Facebook as well.  This mega-platform seems to be rising in popularity in ways that YouTube has reigned king.  This isn’t to say that Facebook will in any way replace YouTube, but if you really want to garner engagement, you should consider posting those videos to Facebook.