Marketing Maple Water May Pose Challenges

Drink Maple, the new water brand that prides itself in being cultivated from a tree, is hot on the market and appealing to health enthusiasts, and nature connoisseurs alike.  The water is founded by bottled water entrepreneur Kate Weiler and is available in over 1,300 stores across the Northeast, including Whole Foods.  According to an Adweek article, “Drink Maple is maple tree sap, the stuff that farmers in New England tap and boil down to make maple syrup. But in its raw form, maple sap is really just ground water that a tree has drunk first. It contains 46 nutrients and has a light, sweet maple taste. And since it comes directly out of maple trees—it undergoes a filtration process prior to sale—Drink Maple is also low-calorie, non-GMO and gluten free. The taps don’t harm the trees, and because it takes 40 years for a maple to get big enough to produce the sap, Drink Maple encourages responsible forestry.”

A very interesting concept!  However, will this pose marketing challenges?  Maple generally conjures memories of sweet, warm syrup being drizzled over your morning pancakes or waffles.  The fact that this ingredient is being associated with something intended for refreshing hydration is quite a hurdle to tackle.  Potential customers may find interest in the concept, but might assume the drink will be too sweet.  We’ll have to see how this start-up makes its way. In store sampling would probably be a great bet!