Throwback Thursday: Coca Cola

This November will mark the 100th anniversary of the original glass Coke bottle.  The curvaceous bottle with a greenish tint was originally developed by Root Glass Co., which was acquired by the now glass mega-giant Owens-Illinois.

Coca-Cola reportedly wanted a container that a person could recognize even by touch in the dark, and one shaped in such a way that even if broken, a person could tell at a glance what it was.  Earl R. Dean  from Root Glass did just that and was credited with the winning design.

The famous bottle has been the focal point of dozens of ad campaigns over the years.  Take a look at the ads above which include Brazil’s famed Lady in Red from 1950, a 1965 “Paus!” ad from Sweden, the 1948 toasting man of Brazil and a “Real Thing” ad that ran in Canada in 1969.

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